Sep 16, 2011

Couldn't Scream

I was feeding my darling little girl lunch when she unintentionally dropped her sippy cup into the bowl of mush.  Her food flew out of the bowl and scattered on the dining table.  I was so annoyed.  My heart was beating so fast that I cannot even scream. I wiped off the mess immediately.  If I had let the mess sit on the table for long, white patches of cereal will stuck on the table and it will look ugly.  I had to wipe Pledge on it very well so my husband will not get embarrassed.  We have to take care of the furniture we have right now.

You might be wondering how my baby dropped the sippy cup in the bowl?  Well, the feeding chair is on the table and her food is about 12 inches away from it.  She was playing with her sippy cup while leaning towards the food.  Then she dropped it.

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