Sep 30, 2011

Who's Celebrating His Birthday Tomorrow?

Oh dear, I have lots of things to do. It is honey's birthday tomorrow.  My in-laws will be coming over too.  Ayayay!  

On the other hand, baby and I went to the mall and bought a gift at men's accessories department.  Then I took baby to the play area so she can have a good time with other kids.  And she did.  I thought honey is still at work but he was already at the grocery store when I called.  We'll be having BBQ, salad, margarita, cake...etc.  It is going to be fun.  

Well, I guess I will have to wrap the gift at midnight tonight.  And I will get stuff for my cake in the morning.


BLOGZOOM said...

Cheers! I wish a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday!

Doiz said...

I added your link to my blog, also your wandering miss sit too. please add mine as well. thanks

Ms. Journ said...

happy belated big day to your honey sis. Agi ko here.