Sep 5, 2011

First Feeling Of Fall

It was a very pleasant day today.  Cool breeze was blowing all day.  'Cannot feel the heat of the sun so much because of the cool gusty winds.  No clouds in the sky and it's bright clear blue.  It was a nice day to play outdoors.  'Feels nice...really nice.  The first feeling of Fall. 

I took my baby outside this morning to get some sunshine.  I watered the plants in the front yard while she is in the stroller.  She enjoyed looking at the water fountain.  I thought she wished to be on the ground and play with the water. Our family went to town to do grocery shopping.  My honey made some home-made burgers and he grilled sausages.  That was our dinner this evening.


Colleen said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting...I appreciate it so much. It'll be slow starting, I just need to hang in there. Blessings,

PS Do you have a shop as well?

BLOGZOOM said...

I always loved the fall. I like the temperature, because it says goodbye to the terrible heat that is here in Rio de Janeiro when the summer. Besides I find a charm to see the leaves and fallen to the ground.


Carrie Tai said...

Fall is just so great!

Mhar's Display said...

It is really nice to get something started like a business. You will benefit in the future.

@Sissym and Carrie,
Besides Spring, I like the Fall too.
I have had enough of this Summer here. :)