Sep 24, 2011

A Dog In The Front Yard

I saw a big dog at the front yard the other day while my baby and I were about to go strolling.  We were about to go to the front house from the garage when I saw the dog lying on the grass.  He looked tired and his not-so-white hair had dirt.  The dog has a dark brown collar around his neck.  Surprised and little bit scared, my baby and I strolled back in the house immediately. 

No photo of the dog was taken because I was afraid he will attack or get startled.  So I called my husband and told him about the dog.  He told me to leave the dog alone.  The dog will just walk away.  If I will offer him something like water or a bit of dog food, he might stay.  And sad to say, we are not ready for a pet yet.  The dog looked pitiful because he was panting a little.  I think he was lost. 

After lunch time, I looked by the window and the dog's gone.  Poor doggie.  I was hoping he found his way home.


Lalique said...

Happy autumn sis
from Turkey

Jenny said...

poor dog :(
musta Mar? see you in my blogs.. ty!
check my other blog