Sep 4, 2011

Tire Inflation Pressure Warning Symbol

When I drove to a grocery store the other night to buy us Margaritas I saw a warning symbol in my car.  The warning is a tire with an exclamation symbol inside.  I quickly parked and looked at the Scion XD user's manual to see what the warning symbol means.  It says "Tire Inflation Pressure warning".  Meaning one of the tires on my car has low air pressure.  So there is a possibility I will have a flat tire.  But I did not panic.  After I got what I wanted from the grocery store, I drove home five miles below the speed limit. 

I told my honey about the warning symbol.  The next morning he checked the tire and he saw a big screw (not a nail) on it.  My honey took my car to the car shop to fix the tire.  He paid $ 10.00.  I think that is a reasonable charge. 

Car monitoring systems and warning features like that really help us know what is going on with our car.  We should take care of our vehicle like we take care of everything else.


Blog Upon Blog said...

Sometimes the Tire Inflation Pressure warning is THE SPARE TIRE!

That's what happened to us. After the Tire tech had checked all four tires and found them at "normal" pressure, he checked the spare tire, and it was way below pressure! Our car is a Toyota Rav4 (2010) and I had no idea the spare tire was monitored electronically. This may or may not be a feature on your car.

Mhar's Display said...


I am not sure if the feature applies to the spare tire of my car also. That would be cool!

But surely the back tire on the left had low air pressure.