Sep 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Garden Harvest


unikorna said...

Wow very impressing harvest. I love gardening myself, I have just harvested some lovely green peppers and a lot of raspberries. I would turn those beautiful eggplants into a thick salad with some chives and a bit of mayo.

BLOGZOOM said...

Hummmm i love eat this!!!! These are small!

Lalique said...

Hellooo sis :)
happy september from Turkey

Cookie said...

hello mharmz!

visiting you back. thanks a lot for dropping by at my blog. wishing you the best of everything. Happy Thursday!

Jenny said...

hmmm, kalami sa okra ug talong, paresan dayon ug ginamos! solve ang panihapon! :))

Mhar's Display said...

@unikorna, salad sounds like a good idea :) but i fried the eggplant. the tomatoes and okra i put them in my pork sinigang.

@ Sissy, the eggplants and okras are big. :)

@lalique, hi friend. long time no hear. hope your doing great.

@ cookie, you're welcome. have a wonderful day too.

@jenny, oo steamed lang sila then paresan ginamos with lemonsito. yay! kalami.