Sep 10, 2011

Beginnings Of Vintage Shopping

Guest post written by Alicia Sloope

You could call me a beginning vintage shopper. I've always admired people that go vintage shopping and wished that I could pull off all the looks that they do. Well now I'm really making an effort to do just that. I'm kind of learning as I go, though.

I've been using my direct tv internet to look up different tips for vintage shopping, like looking at the piece of clothing from all angles to make sure that you don't see any problems with the garment. I learned that trick from one of my favorite fashion bloggers.

I scouted out this really huge vintage store a few towns over from mine and found a couple of cute dresses there. The best part I like about shopping vintage is that I have something that's so unique for the times. I really hate it when I go somewhere and I see that I'm wearing the same thing as somebody else. Plus, it's fun to think about all the people who may have worn that stuff before you and their life stories.


BLOGZOOM said...

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Mhar's Display said...

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