May 28, 2009

My Neighbor Is Moving

The neighbor living in front of our apartment unit is leaving. She said is having a hard time right now. I can see that. Though she often does her grocery shopping, she does it alone. I helped her carry the groceries in her apartment one time. Those were heavy because had milk and juice there. She mentioned that her son is moving her to a more convenient place. He is putting her in a retirement home. My neighbor was curios about this retirement home. She was was trying to ask me if I have any idea about it. I said nothing more than it is a home for elderly. Well, sounds like I need to know more.

Well, to those who want to know about retirement living, you may want to check Here is where we can find information about the up-to-date resources and directory of retirement homes for elderly. Also, they provide postings for activities for them like workshops and open houses in the retirement communities. This website is very useful to those who are looking for retirement residences for their elders.

My neighbor is very nice to me. She even gave me packs of good coffee after I helped her unload her groceries.

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