May 26, 2009

Planters For House Plants

It was pretty stormy this afternoon. There was lightning, thunder, and heavy rains. I thought the internet connection will be cut off because of the bad weather but luckily, it did not.

The rain brought a lot of water on the grounds. The plants were happy. I wish I had a couple of house plants besides Amaryllis and Ivy. But hey, I forgot to tell you that my associate at work gave me three mini tomato plants. They are placed in small garden planters because they are still young and tiny. They need a lot of care right now. I will transfer them to an outdoor planter when they grow bigger.

The back porch at the apartment catches shower of rains pretty good so my plants get rainwater once in a while. Sometime before Summer, I will get a bigger planter for my Amaryllis too.


imelda said...

hello thanks for the visit. pls do visit back. i wish i can resume back to planting too.i am just too busy right now.

shaine said...

I'm glad that you like to plant like me. duh! i love to plant, anything... it doesn't matter what kind of Plant.

keep it up! its a good hobby.