May 22, 2009

Got Victoria's Secret Deals

Now, what I did in the morning was the laundry continuation from last night. After that I went to the convenience store (with my honey) to cash my winnings from the Bingo and matching game scratch cards. The cash added to my shopping money for the day.

'Was with my friend D today. I called her to ask if she still wanted to get the 10 for $25 panties at Victoria's Secret. The promotion started yesterday. I did not expect she will be on her day off too. My other girl friend N, who is supposed to be with me for a facial, went to work. So the schedule for the facial was canceled. D and I spent time together at the store selecting pretty VS undies.


Dwacon said...

Great price!

Mhar's Display said...

sure is :)it is semi annual sale at Victoria's Secret.