May 5, 2009

With A Derma's Advice

Birthdays are blessings. I love celebrating birthdays and I love giving gifts too. Even if the gift is small and simple, I want it to be remembered.

This month, my best pal and cousin G is celebrating her 34th birthday. Though her age is off the calendar, she does not mind. It is still in the Lotto numbers. Hahaha! Okay, enough of the joke. What I think of giving her on her birthday is a skin care appointment. She has this acne problem and I want to help her get rid them. She will not get upset because we talked about this for a long time. This time, I want her to visit a dermatologist so that the effective acne treatment will be given to her. With a specialist's advice, my cousin could get the best acne product that suits her skin type. It is a matter of getting the right product for acne solution and the result would be wonderful.

I will be the first person to celebrate the success of this skin care. Happy birthday G!


Mariel said...

Hi Mhar's! I'm done adding you in my blogroll..please don't forget mine.

Thanks! :)

Dana Telco said...

God luck to your friend

Unknown said...

Great gift ! I loved going to facial, spa, massage during my early years (parang kala mo matanda na noh :-) )
Here in the US, its quite expensive kc kaya...those kind of things are out in my budget..Hay ! miss it a lot !

Badet said...

Happy birthday to your friends! =)

Ranran said...

hello, marly!

just doing some blog hopping. :-)

have a great week!

Mhar's Display said...

@ mariel
done adding you mariel.thanks much.

@ dana, badet, ranran
i appreciate y'all coming by

@ melanie
me too. I love pampering myself with those types of services. well, it was two years since my last facial :) you are right, it is very expensive here in the USA.