May 11, 2009

To The Mothers In The Family

Happy mother's day to my Mama, my sister Mildred, and Jennifer. A mother's love is is instinctual, unconditional, and everlasting.

"Mama, your care and constant advice has lingered in our minds as we grow up. I appreciate everything that you and Tatay did for us, your daughters and son. The discipline, values, and responsibility became a part of our lives. You never fail reminding us of what is coming.

Mildred, you are a mother of the two cute and adorable kids in the world. Though struggles came into your life in the first stage of motherhood, you never give up. Now I know you realized the responsibility of being a mother. I am happy that day by day, you become a stronger woman.

Jennifer, I know being a young mother is difficult. Giving birth makes us a complete woman. God blessed you a son to protect you when he grows up. I can see that you are doing your best to take care of your family. Your life as a mother is just starting. Always ask God's guidance in everything you do.

Being a mother is wonderful. So stay strong. May God bless you with wisdom and more love in your heart. I love you all."

This message comes from my heart. If only I can give each of them a big hug right at this moment. But that is okay. I talked to them earlier, gave my greetings, and expressed my message.

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Tey said...

It is hard to be a mother because you have to give up many part of you for them, but you know what? it is the most wonderful that ever happen to me. HI Marly passing by
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iAmAnnaMarie said...

hi...tnx 4 dropping by my to exlinks?...just holler back...

editor said...

Hello I found you in my group on Improve your blog. Thanks for joining my group.

I try to visit everyone in my group, follow them and leave a message.

Take care.

If you want to say hi:)

Ciela said...

You are one sweet daughter and sister! Keep it up! Take care!