May 1, 2009

Everyday Should Always Be A Mother's Day

When we were young, we never used to celebrate Mother's Day in our family. I was in my college days when I noticed my classmates talked about getting a card for their mothers. It was not a big deal to me at all.

For me, mothers should be appreciated and complimented everyday. Not only for a one-day occasion. They are the most wonderful women in the world. I am saying this because I love my mother very much. She did her best to assist my father in providing the family's needs. She is a hardworking woman. My mother keeps on telling us the importance of values. My siblings and I grew up knowing how to be responsible on things. There were troubles, misunderstandings, and heartaches but she endured all of them and kept her stand. What I missed doing with my mother is preparing dinner together. I prepare the stuff needed and she cooks 'em. She is a good cook.

You know what, flowers are not enough to give our mothers. We should tell them the caring and thoughtful words we have in mind. The love and sacrifice our mothers did for us are priceless. But I will give my mother a bouquet of flowers back home. She will love them. Everyday should always be a mother's day.


Bogcess said...

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Mhar's Display said...

I appreciate the add..and thank you for leaving a comment here. added u already.

Maus said...

i agree to your topic here.
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Michelle said...

Lovely post! Yes mothers should be appreciated every day of the year - I think even if it is not shown, we are. :-D
My kids are very small so Mothers Day is not really a big deal, but I look forward to the day they can bring me breakfast in bed and spend the day spoiling me!

Mhar's Display said...

@ maus
thank you. yes, like anybody else in the family, mothers are wonderful.

@ michelle
I believe that you children are sweet. and when they grow up, they will show you how much they love you :)