May 29, 2009

Will Appreciate Her Company

Tired. That is the reason D kept on telling us.

I called my Filipina neighbor D to join us, me and N, for a swim yesterday. D said they were at the mall shopping for some "pasalubong" (gifts) to bring in the Philippines (when they go there to live for like three years). She cannot come over to N's apartment and join us swim because she was tired. I told her that she can just chill and relax on one of the pool chairs if she does not want to swim. In fact, the pool is only four minutes away from her apartment. D still refused.

Aahh! Why force a person to mingle with us if she/he does not want to? Okay I understand, but a quick company shall be appreciated if she went and met us. So, N and I went swimming at their apartment's pool and spa without D. My husband and N's joined us in the pool when they came home from work. We enjoyed it.


levian said...

i guess you guys appreciated her company more than she appreciated yours. don't mind her, at least you guys have fun! :)

estrellita said...

If I was the one invited, I would definitely come...hehe I love swimming

Nanaybelen said...

just dropped by to visit

irish daisies said...

my daughter is going to the philippines next month to visit her other family :) im sure she will have a great time

Deborah Katy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I also loved yours. Would you like to link exchange?
Kind regards,

Mhar's Display said...

@ levian
well, i guess she does not mind us anymore. we wanted her to relax and enjoy like we do.

@ amging
yea, i love swimming too.

@ irish
really? wow, she will surely have a wonderful time there. it is Summer :)

@ katy
sure, we can exchange links my friend.

@ nanaybelen
i appreciate the hop nay.

Siao麻雀 said...

come 2 my blog
we are having a water partyXDD

Deborah Katy said...

Thanks. Added you to my first blogroll in alphabetical order.
Kind regards,