May 21, 2009

Online Customer Support Is Available

It was Spring last year when we moved here in the apartment. Everything was organized smoothly even though we have to drive 1 1/2 hours bringing almost all of our belongings and appliance from the house in Nevada (Texas). We were glad that our unit has laundry washer and drier connection.

One time I encountered an unusual problem with the washer. Suddenly, it stopped operating in the middle of the wash. I was so worried because I have no idea what was going on. So I called my honey at work and told him what happened. He told me to check the manual about it. I looked for the washer's manual but I could not find it. It was very disappointing because time was consumed looking for that manual. I was so helpless. After an hour of searching, I found the user's manual at the bottom of the other reads and manuals. I read the troubleshooting pages but I did not find the specific reason why the washer stopped suddenly. Looking on the Internet did not come into my mind so I dug through our piles of booklets and papers.

Then my honey called telling me maybe the washer overheated (I loaded three batches of large quantities of laundry) since it was a very hot day. Plus, I loaded the whites and had set the washer in hot water. That maybe the reason. Whatever it was, it is very good to have a user's manual ready at any time. Any appliance or equipment needs to have an assistance ready even if is just a troubleshooting or minor repairs like coffeemaker, electric fan, and mosquito magnet repair. Those are only small matters but needs attention once in a while. This is how online customer assistance help us in quick troubleshooting or repair on our priced appliance and home equipment.


Balisugar said...

I bought the washer twice, broken quickly these days

D Anjhels said...

It happens, just had a washer repair last week and spend more than a $100.

Body said...

Friends care to exchange links :)

Mharms said...

@ balisugar
it is better to buy somewhat high priced appliance but you can guarantee its good quality and durability

@ d anjhels
ugh, that is expensive repair

@ body
sure we can exchange links..i would appreciate it.