Jan 25, 2010

For Elderly's Convenience

It is just natural to think about our family's welfare. I do not know with others but, I have the sense of responsibility in me. I want to help as possibly as I can. But in this point of time, my resources are limited.

I have an elderly living with my family back home. He is my grandpa. And I love him. I do not want him to be sick. That is why we take care of him at home. He is still strong and capable of doing things his way. In fact, he still tends his farm. But time passes by quickly. He is not getting any younger either. We want him to enjoy life too. From personal necessities like walk-in bath tub to simple travels like relaxing at the beach, my grandpa will be pleased. The idea of a walk in tub is not bad. We just have to be very careful and learn more about it especially on tub safety measures.


agus said...

loving u and ur article

The Kano said...

I am always impressed how the Filipino takes care of their senior citizens and family. I hope your grandpa will be ok and comfortable.

Mhar's Display said...

@ agus
thank you. i am doing my best to make my post beautiful :)

@ Davide DeWall
Yes, we Filipinos are very compassionate when it comes to caring with our elderly. We love our grandpas and grandmas. We try to help as possibly as we can.