Jan 18, 2010

Today's Humor: Marriage Quotes

Smile. It is Monday :)


-- At a cocktail party, one woman said to another, Aren't you wearing your wedding ring on the wrong finger?" Yes, I am. I married the wrong man."

-- A lady inserted an 'ad' in the classifieds: "Husband Wanted". Next day she received a hundred letters. They all said the same thing: "You can have mine."

-- When a woman steals your husband, there is no better revenge than to let her keep him.

-- A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" Father replied, "I don't know son, I'm still paying."

-- Young son: "Is it true Dad, that in some parts of Africa a man doesn't know his wife until he marries her?" Dad: "That happens in every country, son."

-- Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all.

-- Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a big gut, and still think they are attractive to the opposite sex.

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lina@home sweet home said...

It's funny...
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kathy said...

Funny quotes... Pls drop by my site as well...


Chubskulit Rose said...

O ayan ang laki ng smile ko hehehe. Kumusta na mare, buntis na ba?

Mhar's Display said...

@ lina, kathy
thanks for commenting ladies. this is one of my favorite joke so far.

@ chubskulit
hi mare. negative pa ngayon. but I am hopeful. And I will let you know.


The Kano said...

Very funny, as a guy that is just celebrating 10 years of marriage today, I can relate to a lot of these jokes, salamat!

survivor mom said...

Funny.. heheh
May natutunan n naman akong bagong jokes.

pipay said...

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Mizé said...

Funny quotes, specially because they´re all true, lol.
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Mhar's Display said...

@ David, survivor mom, Mize
i am glad you like the joke :)

@ pipay
thanks for stopping by. see you again.