Jan 22, 2010

It Would Be Fun

It is my friend N's birthday! Yay! I bet she got the day off for her birthday. Good for her. I bought a present for her. It is a DKNY shirt. I like the color and fabric. Surely it will look nice in the Spring and Summer.

My birthday is coming too (on January 29). I do not know if N and I can hang out and celebrate our birthdays this weekend. Last year we went to Downtown Fort Worth and sang karaoke in one of the restaurant bars at Sundance Square. 'Have not called and asked her yet. That would be lots of fun if we can hang out again. In the meantime, my gift for her will stay with me until she is off any time this week.


Techblizz said...

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Claudia Lawrence said...

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Onchobob Umbriak said...

Happy birthday :)

Lea said...

hello...just new as blogger hope we could be friends and can xchange :)

Oyah said...

Visiting... nice blog, please follow me and I'll put ur link in my blog, ty... please re-visit my blog

mikelle said...

Hi friend, thanks for your visit, have a nice sunday :)

Onchobob Umbriak said...

hi its me again...can't stop visiting ^_____^

nuts said...

four days to go and here comes your birthday! happy birthday!!
btw, have linked all your blogs in my blogroll.. im yet to update my blog.. i'll buy my own domain maybe this week and still working with my layout..will update you soon.. thank you..

Mhar's Display said...

@ nuts, techblizz, Oyah, Lea
thank you so much for adding me. thanks for the birthday greetings too.
sure let me know if you already had updated your blog. I will add yours too.

@ mikelle, doris
i appreciate you all stopping by