Jan 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Foggy Morning On The Road


ruby said...

hello! dropping by :)

Surviving Deployment
A new beginning

Mhar's Display said...

Hi Ruby,
thank you much for stopping by.
See you again :)


Unknown said...

Wow it was very foggy. Where we live is down in a valley and when driving to get home we have to go over this hill that always seems to collect fog. Sometimes it's so thick you can't see anything but the lines on the road directly in front of you... scary!!

JENIE=) said...

hey mharms! come visit my latest post and comment if you're also as proud i am right now to be a Filipino!

it's worth seeing...;)

Mhar's Display said...

@ Angie
yes it's scary driving in a fog. we just have to be careful and drive slow. The picture was taken when we are leaving Oklahoma and heading home to Texas.


pinkdiaries said...

hays, ditu kaya kelan mag fofoggy ng bongga?! hehehe

Modern Mom said...

It so foggy and looks really scary to drive. We're you the one driving?

Rose said...

cooooool! i like fogs :)

Mhar's Display said...

@ pinkdiaries
hahaha! do not wish for it because it is not really good for a tropical country like ours ;)

@ modern mom
yes it is. but my husband was the one driving.

@ rose
really? you are weird :)