Jan 25, 2010

Shopping Formal Clothes For The Wedding

Surely my grandfather will attend his granddaughter E's wedding on the 30th of this month. I called home last night and asked my mother about the wedding. She said it is a church wedding. The family is invited and my mother is having a tight time looking for clothes to wear for the occasion. Grandpa do not have formal clothes either. So my mother went to the city with him and saw some interesting clothing in a department store. I just hope my grandpa would be comfortable wearing them :)


kathy said...

congrats to the newly weds... sensya na ngayon lng ako nkabisita ulit kasi busy ako these past few days...


BLOGZOOM said...

My dear friend! I'm visiting say "hi" and leave a tender kiss.

Here in Rio it is summer is very hot and at the end of the day always rain. I prefer cooler seasons.

Mhar's Display said...

@ kathy
thanks for the greeting.
i understand how busy you are. same here though. but still you not forget to stop by here :)

@ Sissym
oh my friend you are so sweet. thank you for stopping by. same here, I am excited for the Spring and Summer to come :)