Jan 31, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: The Presents

Pictures taken this weekend, on my birthday.

flowers for me

opening K's present :)

hair clips from K

Tommy Girl shirt

a Garnet necklace from my honey

The summer dress is from N, some birthday cards, and earrings from E.

Thank you thank you very much for these lovely presents.


Liz said...

That's a lot of presents. I love the necklace. :)

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Anonymous said...

happy Birthday Mhars! Wow! Nice naman ng necklace mo...


Yannie said...

happy birthday!!! I like the ruby necklace...

Yannie said...

I added your link @

Yannie said...

I added your link @

juliet said...

Hello Mhar!

I have a tag for you on my blog. Please check Eminent Eights.

Thanks much!

pinkdiaries said...

nice naman ng mga gift, ang sosyal! :-)

JENIE=) said...

happy birthday dear! so many people loves you eh? =)

btw, i browsed through ur blogroll, you missed 3 of my 4 blogs to which you are linked? please return the favor and let me know...

Yen said...

wow lots of birthday gifts present. happy to be here.

Mhar's Display said...

@ liz, kathy, marianne
thank you for the compliment and greetings. I like it too. but it is a garnet gemstone :)

@ marianne, juliet
thanks for the add.. will add you right now.

@ pinkdiaries
is it? well, thanks though :)

@ jenie
really? sorry if i missed them. will add them right now.

@ yen
i love presents. thanks for coming by yen.


Fida Abbott said...

That's cool Mhar.

It's snowing at my place since last night. This is the first snowstorm in this year.

Have great weekend

out of the blue said...

belated happy birthday!

Ms. Journ said...

sis love the necklace hehehe! very nice ang banana nindot kaau ang gift!

Happy na birthday pa! heheh... congrats sis! More happy moments to come everyday not just your birthday!