Jan 19, 2010

Gift Cards As Presents

I received these gift cards on Christmas:

Victoria's Secret = $ 20
Dillards = $ 30
Macaroni Grill = $ 25

It is also nice to give gift cards as presents to family and friends on special occasions you know. Because you do not have to worry about looking for personal gift items. In addition, the recipient can look or buy anything that he or she likes. It is a matter of convenience.

I like receiving gift cards (from the stores or restaurants that I really like). But I still prefer receiving personally touched presents.

Oh well, I should use these gift cards before I forget about them.


News World said...

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techblizz said...

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Justin Cane said...

Marly, you should check out They have email gift cards from some pretty random places that can be both convenient and more thoughtful than your typical big box stores. Enjoy!

ruby said...

ka daghan sa gift cards!

Surviving Deployment
A new beginning

Myjoyz said...

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Rajblogz said...

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kathy said...

I love giftcards too sis..


The Kano said...

I love getting gift cards, I can pick out something I really like. But I never turn down any kind of present, though!

Anonymous said...

come to mama