Nov 27, 2008

Breaking The Habit

I should start breaking the habit of staying up late at night. Besides getting under eye bags, it is not (and never will be) good for my health and fitness. Now that I will start working tomorrow, I need to go to bed early. My honey is always telling me that. I am used to get up at 6:00 o'clock every morning before. Since I got here in the USA I am getting used to waking up at 9:00 A.M. How can I make it to waking up 6:30 every morning now? I know I should set my system back to what is right. It is for my own good.


Unknown said...

hello dear. Happy thanksgiving though it's late. Both of us are late riser and its really hard for me to adjust my body clock. I think I should also start. LOL

Anonymous said...


i have the same problem


my dilemma is that i couldn't stop myself from watching TV up to 3 in the morning :)


Anonymous said...

@ Gracie, Sterndal
Thank you sa greetings. My body is just so heavy when I try to wake up so early in the morning. I am a tv addict too.

D said...

Hi! Don't know where to leave a message since I can't find a chatbox or message board on your blog, so I thought I'd leave a comment here. I have the same problem, by the way. When I worked as a nurse in PI, I used to wake up at 5:30 every morning for my duty but since I came here to the US, I have been sleeping past midnight and waking up at around 10 in the morning. How was your AOS, by the way? Do u have an interview sked already? I got the interview sked this week, it will be on January next year. My EAD is also approved but I have not received it in the mail yet, so still waiting to actually have it in my hands. Anyway, pls add me to your blogroll. I have added u already. Thanks!

imelda said...

hi sis igkasi leyte ngay-an kita. Kumusta ka? taga-tacloban ako.ikaw?

Good luck to your job sis. Ingatz. . .

A said...

I know what you mean, I should also break the habit of sleeping too late, but it seems that it is easier said than done... Even if I try to go to bed early, I end up tossing and turning in bed and still end up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning... It's really so hard to break a habit... :)

Anonymous said...

@ Ane
You got it right. I cannot sleep if I go to be early. Lying on the bed, bored and thinking of just anything from family matters to things to do the next day. When I will force myself to shut my eyes and go to sleep, I end up having unpleasant dreams. Annoying!

@ Imelda
Taga-Kananga ako meldz..agi kay magkababayan ngay-an kita hini. Ok lang ako. Salamat ha pangumusta :)

@ D
Since my arrival here in the USA I got used to waking up late in the morning because I sleep good with the cool temperature at night.
My AOS got approved August 2008. I was not scheduled for an interview because my application was transferred to CA office. I received my GC on the third week of August. Hope everything will turn out fine with your's. Good luck. You can make it.
Thanks for the add. You are now in my blogroll too.

Perkymom said...

Hi mhar yeps added naka sa akong blogs ;)

anyways parehas ta oi, pero kaning akoa sa pinas pa jud ni nga tag ala una na sa hapon mumata usahay gani mugabie nalang tulog pa ko haha way kan anay, tag dugay man sad ko matulog gud.. nya dri sad sa US kay tag alas 10 ko mumata.. kay tag ala s dose sad mi matulog sa ako ng bana hehehe. Pero ug magka work ko soon dapat jud sayu na matulog.

Denise said...

hi mhar. thanks for the visit. added u already in my list. will be visiting your other blogs. thanks.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@ Fendergirl
Mao jud pareha d ai ta ani. mga muokan. Hahaha! Karon jud na ma-irita ko usahay kay pukawon jud ko sa akong husband sayu kaayo sa nga tanan.

@ Denise
I appreciate your adding me Denise.

@ Scott
Thank you for the compliment Scott.