Nov 10, 2008

Do Roses Wither Too?

The season has changed. The leaves of the trees fall as the wind blows. The weather suddenly changes too. It is gloomy and windy outside seems like it is going to rain. I feel lazy on days like this.

After doing the laundry, I pulled a chair at the porch and sat there feeling the chilly breeze. I noticed my plants at the porch seemed to be lonely and they are not looking pretty good particularly my roses. I have three pots of roses-one mini and two average size roses. Their leaves are starting to fade and wither. Worried about their appearance I asked my honey why the plants look like they are dying. He said maybe because fall season is here. He suggests telling Dad about the roses' pitiful situation.
My father-in-law has a garden and has a plenty of flowering plants. He loves roses and maybe he can help me bring back my roses to their fullness again.


Scarlet said...

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eunice said...

ya it's gloomy in Singapore too, except that sometimes it's hot sometime it's cool.

Anonymous said...

i appreciate it sis

yea, SG and PI are tropical countries that is why we have that type of weather.

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Anonymous said...

I love gardening too, but for some reason my hands are not fortunate to grow plants as big as others do. I love roses and orchids.
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I think it just have to do with the weather or soil. You can grow plants if you really focused on them. I love orchids too.

Anonymous said...

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