Nov 6, 2008

A Bit Back In History

So here is a compliment from Mize of My Country Home. She is a very kind Portuguese blogger whom I met just recently. I am so amazed doing my blogging thing because meeting new friends from around the world including Portugal is an awesome experience. I remember in my history class in high school that General Ferdinand Magellan, who discovered the Philippines in 1521 (if I am not mistaken), was a Portuguese. Hah! I cannot believe I still recall what I learned from my history class (laughs).

And here is another one from Chronic Chick. I admire her courage. I learned that she is carrying something painful and yet she continuously living life to the fullest. I appreciate Chick for considering my blog the coolest one.


Vicente Calibo de Jesus said...


This word is now hardly used to describe European arrivals in lands already known except to the Europeans themselves. The word because of its ethnocentrism suggesting both unbridled egotism and, indeed, ignorance, is no longer used.

Instead of "discovered" what historians, both from the west and the east and from whichever point on the planet, now use are "neutral" and factual words like "arrived", "reached", "came", and such.

Vicente Calibo de Jesus

Anonymous said...

I see. So I have to replace it with either of the suggested words you mentioned. Thanks for the info Vicente.

eastcoastlife said...

Hi mhars,
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Congrats on your awards!
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Seelaninfo said...

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Anonymous said...

first time i heard about that but it's a good info. :) hope you're having a good weekend, mharms:)

Anonymous said...

@ east coast life, seelan, marites
i appreciate the hops. yea this is great info tes. i still remember it.