Nov 13, 2008

Have You Traveled to Oklahoma?

Oh yea! I am very excited now. After the busy weeks in October, we finally have everything at the house settled. We will hand-over the keys and give the important contact numbers to the renters this coming Saturday.

My husband and I talked about giving ourselves a treat…a relaxation somewhere romantic and fun. Actually he wants us to celebrate the accomplishment we had last month, the house being leased and the successful moving. Also, it is our seventh wedding month-sary and we want to celebrate it as usual. I was looking forward to the trip until my honey told me that he scheduled us to go to Oklahoma this weekend. I was so surprised.

Yahoo! But...oh no!

Yahoo, because it has been four months since the last time we were there and the place we are going to is loud and has much fun. Oh no, because we are going back to the casino.

How about you? Have you traveled to Oklahoma?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mhar!

I've never been to Oklahoma but I remember the first time I've ever been in a Casino where I actually played just 2 months ago in CA! In all my 30-something years, my first time to play slot machines!

I had no beginner's luck and lost $150.00! All I got was a big headache from the smokers (I can't believe they allow smoking inside a casino!) and yes, i remember the deafening noise of the machines going off all at the same time in different tunes!! LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Good luck and have FUN!!!

Go win some cash... LOL

Justin said...

Never been to there before. Maybe you can write a little more about it for us? :)

Jackie said...

Oh wow have fun!! I live about 15 minutes away from Choctaw out at the lake!!

Wow they have really built that place up. I love going there. I always seem to come out ahead.

Happy vacation and I hope you win oodles and oodles!!:-)))

Chubskulit Rose said... sure to bring extra cash lol...

Monica said...

I've never been to Oklahoma either.
Enjoy your vacation.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just got back from the vacation. I appreciate all the comments friends. I am so excited to post about it.

imelda said...

oklahoma is where my friend lives, he smokes a lot and he goes to a casino sometimes.

good luck and have a safe trip. .

Unknown said...

How did your weekend in Oklahoma go? I'm sure you had fun!

Thanks for dropping by.

Enjoy the rest of the week!