Nov 26, 2008

Online Entertainment Magazine

It has been a habit to listen to music on the radio. To me music gives extra motivation while working in the office or driving especially when going on a long travels somewhere. At home, either my radio or CD player is on most of the time. And if I want to listen to the latest hits or if I want to read about what is going on in the music world, I just surf for multimedia online magazine on the internet.

When I was in my teens I love collecting song hits magazine. It is a magazine of compiled popular songs of different genre-from oldies, pop music and R & B hits. I think these magazines still exist today. But in the growing technology of the internet, we can find our favorite songs and music types online. We can even read updates from our favorite music artist interviews. And trends in the music scene that I have always admired have played a big influence to the teenagers today. has all the features in providing latest news, music videos, photos, and current updates about our favorite artists. A huge collection of celebrity videos and pictures are entertaining to see. If you are a music fanatic like me, you might want to check out now.
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imelda said...

its a great site. .

i was here for a visit. .

irish daisies said...

have a wonderful thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

@ imelda
really it is a great site. I enjoy the articles there.

@ Irish Daisies
Thank you for the greetings. May you have a great one too.