Nov 2, 2008

Enabling Comment Luv

Working on the commenting feature here in my blog has been so confusing for me lately. I have been reminded by JJ of Moms Cash Blog that I should do something about it because bloggers who want to leave their comments will just hop away. Also I remembered Tey of Bloggers Recollections told me about this concern. So what I did was looked over the Blogger's Settings again. Then I clicked on the Comment Tab, ticked the "Anyone" next to the "Who Can Comment" option and saved the Settings. I thought I have to put some html codes or something but it is not. Finally I did it and I hope the comment section of my blog is working now. Please message me if it is doing fine or not. I will appreciate it.


Tey said...

it is good if everyone can leave a comment. Make sure to put on the "Moderation" so you have the choice not to publish those spam comments. There are so many spammers.

I open the "Do follow" on my comment as sign of my gratitude to my commentors for spending their time sharing their thoughts. Do this by clicking the "Comment with Backlinks"- It's up to you, Marly.

By The way, thanks for mentioning my blog. I will reciprocate the linky love when I got the chance Marly.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Marly, Great I can now leave a comment!! I hope you didn't mind me leaving that suggestion in regards to your implementing the extra setting for leaving a comment. I just thought that you would find that it w ould make it easier for people to leave a comment and then move on. I know that time is important to everyone now a days especially when it comes to time on the internet. I've been here to your blog a couple of times and have enjoyed your post, I look forward to coming over and leaving a comment now and again. Thanks for mentioning and linking my blog and I hope to see you over at my place and feel welcomed to leave a comment or suggestion. Good luck with the move, I can not imagine having to move it would be a daunting thought and process. So I do not envy you with all the work that goes into having to pack!!

Anonymous said...

this is great..i can now leave comments :)

Tey said...

Hi Marly I did a link back to this post. How it can help boost you rank more. Here is the link. Bloggers Recollections

edelweiza said...

wow, ok na nga kasi nkkpgcomment na ako..hehehe. :)

John Bueno said...

Ate Mhars You know what I did laSSSt SSSummer...


Anonymous said...

It's so much nicer when we can leave comments!
You must not live too far from me, I see you're using a storage center in Plano and doing some business in Wylie. I live in Parker.

Larry said...

visiting u, have a good evening

Anonymous said...

@ Tey
Thank you so much for the helpful advice friend. I did set the Comment backlinks.

@ jj
I appreciate the help and advice. I surely will come by your blog. Yea, we've been so worn out with the move :) thank you for the compliment.

@ jen, edelweiza, kumagcow, and larry
yea, thanks for commenting :)

@ lynne
I am glad to know you are living near Plano. We have Filipino friends there. Nice to meet you lynne.

Anonymous said...

visit here after reading tey's posting :D.greetings from me.thank you.