Nov 13, 2008

The Memories Of Ironing

Since the day I arrived here in the USA today is the first day I do some ironing. If I will make a listing of household chores, ironing will be at the bottom of my list. But I like doing it though. As long as the power cooperates and the iron gets hot, it is fine with me.

When I was a child, I remember my mother washes the sheets, pillow cases, blankets and precious cotton dresses with starch. She said the starch helps maintain the cloth's original texture and density. And when she was ironing them the fabric is smooth and thick. She used a flat iron made of metal (from my grandmother) with glowing coal inside because we have not had an electric iron in the province before. Using the old flat iron is not convenient enough at that time because controlling the temperature is difficult. And when we got our first electric flat iron, everything was easy. I am not sure if some of my relatives use the metal flat iron nowadays.

Oh well, I should better finish my ironing now. I just paused for a while to eat lunch.

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