Nov 21, 2008

Shivering, Freezing, Chilling

While I am typing this post my fingers are still stinging cold! Why? I just arrived from the grocery store. My friend Norie and I went to Target to buy stuff for dinner tonight. We walked to the store since it is walking distance from the apartment. Wearing a jacket on top of my clothes is not enough.

And we had the "courage" to walk back to the apartment after getting the groceries we need, struggling against the freezing wind while carrying the bags full of stuff. My hands are chilling, face muscles shivering as the cold wind blows on my skin, and feeling the goose bumps all over my body. I am starting to have a runny nose. It is freezing cold outside!!!


Anonymous said...

thanx for visiting my blog:)
have a great weekend..

Carolyn said...

hi, thanks for the visit..visiting you back here and drop some ec...:-) have a nice weekend

Shawie said...

Mhars, that would be embarrassing to report that there are 2 Filipinas that were frozen on the street, joke lang, hehehe! that's my hubby's line:)

Anonymous said...

@Maria, Carolyn
I appreciate you coming by my blogs

kaw jud Sha. Hahaha! As in it was freezing jud yesterday.