Nov 3, 2008

Temporary Job Opportunity

What a wonderful Monday. After a good result from the interview at Dillard's, I headed directly to Cinnabon and bought myself a big cinnamon bread with matching lemonade for a snack. That was a treat for being accepted for a job at Dillard's. Though it is just a temporary job, I am so grateful to be considered in the position. They are giving me a very convenient work schedule on weekdays. Great. That means I do not have to work on the evenings and weekends.

My honey is happy with the news. He was teasing me about working in the store...that I would be so eager to buy the stuff I like there and have a list of the things I would want him to buy for me on the holidays. We had the good laughs with that.


Tey said...

Congrat Marly, I am happy for you. At least you can have extra income aside from what you are making in blogging.
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Anonymous said...

Yes Tey, I hope this will turn out good :)

Shawie said...

Congrats on your job:)

EJ said...


Anonymous said...

see pag may nagsasara, meron ding nagbubukas! congrats!

Anonymous said...

@shawie, joops, misty
oo nga eh. thanks to God talaga. salamat rin sa mga kind words nyo friends :) I really appreciate it.