Nov 5, 2008

Planning Ahead For The Holidays

I asked my husband what is his plan for the month. What I mean is the activities and important schedules. After a busy schedule in the previous month, I feel like there is another one coming. I am right. A friend would like to meet with us some time this month then I will start working after the Thanksgiving. My driving is not good yet so I am doing training once in a while. Ugh!

We have our house leased and we will be doing a general cleaning this coming weekend. There will be a lot of bending, stretching to do. I am sure my honey will be complaining for stiffness after. But as soon as the whole thing at the house is settled and properly turned-over, we are ready to have some relaxing weekends especially on the holidays. That is the plan. I am looking forward to go on a trip though.


Anonymous said...

hi! tagged you! visit my blog :)

Larry said...

Visiting u here also, have a wonderful evening

Cecile said...

hello my dear Mharms :-) thanks for the visit :-) ingat and see you again

Anonymous said...

hi! seems like your very busy these past few days. goodluck on your driving lessons.

Cecile said...

was here visiting you back :-) take care!

Tey said...

wow good for you Marly, I dont think we can have atrip since it's getting colder here.
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Gina lee said...

I love going on trips..Thanks for he visit sis.

Kim said...

Your life sounds as busy as
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Anonymous said...

@ rona
thank you. I will post it soon.

@larry, cecile, gina
I appreciate all the hoppin' :)

@ Tey, Kim, joy, gina
yes, really busy this month. my husband has booked us a trip to Oklahoma next week. I am so excited nah.