Nov 11, 2008

Can Somebody Fix The Water Heater...Please?

We had storm last night and the cable signal was cut. Though the internet connection was fine, we turned the computer off for security purposes. The heavy rains poured all night long, lightning kept on flashing and I heard thunder once in a while. Good thing we did not experience power failure. As far as I can remember, I got some rain water for my plants while my honey took a relaxing hot shower.

This morning he told me that we do not have hot water. Disgusted, he was forced to take a shower in the freezing water. He called at the apartment's office asking what is happening. The staff said that there is something wrong with the whole apartment complex's water heater because of the storm last night, and somebody is working to fix the problem. Until this very moment there is no hot water. Surely we will be freezing cold again in the shower tomorrow.


Larry said...

thankS 4 the viSit, hope ur doing well

Anonymous said...

ngeeeeh! for sure, malamig yan. thanks for passing by my blog. i got a tag for you here

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Marly, got an award for you "Cute and Powerful" is the title.. come and get it when ur free..

Cecile said...

marly, hello dear, just want to say goodnight ;-)

Tey said...

yay I hate this when it happen. Mind you it happen during Winter last year and we were frozen to death..
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Justin said...

Taking shower in the cold is definitely unbearable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marly, just one question, If I will review your post, will I get paid by PPP? Dont really know how it works
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